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Peek inside Graceland with Elvis and me!

Did you know that Graceland, Elvis Presley’s house in Memphis Tennessee, is the second most visited house in the entire US after the White House?

Of course the difference is you can go inside Elvis’ house on a mansion tour and take as many photos as you like without a horde of bodyguards or a throng of reporters waiting for a press conference.

In fact a pilgrimage to Graceland is on the Bucket List of a vast array of people from rock and roll fans, the squealing girls (now grandmas) of the 1960s and 70s, and hilariously you’ll see a few dressed-up Elvis lookalikes roaming through the Presley mansion, eating a burger in their onesie at the burger bar across the road or browsing through his collection of classic cars.

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But wait! Now you can almost STAY at Graceland too! In 2019 the new Graceland Guest House hotel opened just next door with rooms themed like Elvis Presley’s House. See those images below!

Graceland tour buses
Tour buses taking fans into Graceland

I’ve visited Graceland twice with about five years between visits. The first time we were on what we called our Music Road Trip starting in Nashville, down to Memphis and ending in New Orleans with my parents.

The second time I brought a small tour of nine people to New Orleans (where we found great music venues in NOLA and ate all the food) and then we visited Elvis’s Memphis!

Each year the second week of August is Elvis Week, commemorating the death of Elvis Presley on August 16.

In 2020 and 2021 this was held as a virtual event with fans buying tickets online to stream music and interviews, including some new material not released before. You can click here to buy your tickets to the live streaming events from Graceland.

But in a normal (non Covid!) year Elvis Week draws fans and Elvis Presley tribute artists to a huge convention right here in Memphis. So diary August if you want to join in!

Taking care of Business – TCB

Elvis week in Graceland
This is what you’ll see at Elvis Week!

When did Elvis buy Graceland?

Elvis Presley was 22 years old when he bought Graceland in March 1957 for just over $102,500.

The house used to be part of a 500-acre farm and was named after original owner Dr Thomas Moore’s aunt Grace.

Elvis bought the house and 13.8 acres of land. It was actually his parents (Gladys and Vernon) who put down the $1,000 deposit and they and his grandmother moved in first, in the May of 1957 while Elvis was away filming Jailhouse Rock. He didn’t get to spend his first night here until the next month.

He married Priscilla Presley in May 1967 and they had their daughter Lisa Marie here at Graceland. Both women protectively guard this house and Elvis Presley Enterprises closely – and make a lot of money doing it!

How much time should I allow at Graceland?

Across the road from the Presley mansion is a veritable shopping and dining mecca where you buy/pick up your tickets and hop on the buses that take you across the road into the grounds.

The Graceland mansion sits on a small hill behind trees on the front lawn that slopes down to the iconic gates. Some people are actually quite surprised by how small the house looks – maybe because it’s been hyped up for so many years!

Graceland gates

The only way to get through the famous Graceland gates is to buy tickets (online or in person) for a self-guided audio headset tour and take the shuttle bus from what I call “Elvis-ville” across the road. It really is for crazy, hard-core Elvis Presley fans over there!

You could also buy a Private Elvis Tour with Skip the Line tickets, which includes a private tour of Memphis, seeing Elvis’ childhood haunts and other key places from his life, a wander down Beale Street and VIP entry into Graceland. Allow three hours for this tour.

But if you come to Graceland, you should also allow an hour or two after or before your tour to eat in the 1960’s inspired diner, view the King’s cars, private jets (including the Lisa Marie), gift stores and read all the paraphernalia.

New attractions were added in 2020 to allow you to take “selfies” with the king and email them to yourself. It’s packed with souvenir shops and other exhibitions, but my pics below are what you’ll see inside Elvis’s house.

At Graceland! You have to jump in quick to grab your photo while everyone waits their turn

If you fancy getting married by Elvis, read about the Elvis wedding in Las Vegas I gate-crashed!

Peek inside Graceland

The upstairs rooms at Graceland are locked and alarmed and no one is allowed up there except family. Even staff are not allowed up here, out of respect for the family as it includes Elvis’ bedroom (and the bathroom where he died) as well as little Lisa Marie’s room.

But there is great news for true Elvis Presley fans – the Guest House at Graceland, a new 450-room hotel with rooms and suites, bars and the lobby all decorated with a nod to the decor of Graceland has been built up the road. Scroll down for a peek at the hotel pics too!

But first, here are my photos inside Graceland

Imagine the parties that would have been held in these rooms…

Graceland white lounge
The white lounge and TV room at Graceland with Elvis’s grand piano in the back.
Graceland dining room
Elvis’s dining room at Graceland
Graceland staircase
Walk past the forbidden staircase …
... and gaze at the chandelier, wondering what is hidden up there
… and gaze at the chandelier, wondering what is hidden up there

Vernon and Gladys Presley had this downstairs room at the end of the hall, just before the kitchen.

Elvis’s parents, Vernon and Gladys, had this downstairs bedroom

You’ll pass through the kitchen where someone told me Elvis had the first microwave in the United States (?) Anyway, it cost $1000 back in the 70s.

Graceland kitchen

Are you ready for the Jungle Room?

Turn left and go down the hallway from the kitchen where you’ll find the wackiest room in the whole house – or maybe not. Check out the pool room too!

The floor and walls of the famous Jungle Room are covered in green shag carpet and wooden furniture is carved into animals, with stuffed animals sitting on the oversized furniture. Oh if walls could talk!

Jungle Room shag pile carpet
Jungle Room shagpile is even on the walls!
Graceland jungle room

But wait! Here’s the pool room, so you can decide which room would have been more fun.

Check out the fabric wall and ceiling coverings.

Graceland pool room

Once we finished walking through the house with our headsets on telling us about each room we came outside around the back of the property.

It’s really quite spacious out here, kind of farmland. He kept horses here.

Out the back of the Graceland mansion

You’ll walk into Elvis’s office, then past his private shooting range and an indoor racquetball court.

He played this piano (below) on the morning of his death in his music room before he went upstairs to his bathroom.

This room used to house his massive platinum records which have since been moved into their own gallery.

Graceland piano room
The former racquetball room
Elvis Presley racquet ball room
The racquetball court is now a shrine with costumes entombed in glass cases and floor to ceiling gold and platinum awards
Elvis Presley's grave

The Presley graves

At the end of the tour you come to the Meditation Garden where Elvis’s grave alongside his parents and grandmother also lie.

Each day gifts still arrive by mail from fans around the world and staff make sure they all get placed here for a turn with the king.

An eternal flame burns and a statue of Jesus, given to Elvis by his friends and that used to stand in the garden, now stands at his feet.

Elvis Presley was a twin, but his brother Jessie died at birth on January 8, 1935 in Tupelo Mississippi. He had a plaque made for his big brother (by a few minutes) that he never met, placed beside his parents here in the memorial garden at Graceland.

Jesse Presley memorial

Do some Elvis Presley shopping!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a tourist attraction without the shopping!

Back across the road where you got your tickets are several stores selling Elvis Presley merchandise, including the king of rock ‘n’ roll’s onesies that go for upwards of $3000!

Elvis Presley and me
Across the road in the many shops and exhibits I met my new friends. They’re on honeymoon. Guess what he does for a living….
Elvis Presley costumes
You can buy a replica Elvis costume for a cool $3500

Tour Elvis’s planes

The Lisa Marie is named after his daughter who used to be taken on whimsical jaunts as a little girl. One time they flew to see the snow and touched down for only an hour! You can pay extra to take a tour through the planes.

Convair CV880 named the Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie plane
Inside this former Delta plane Elvis had decked it out in velvet with gold plated buckles. Everything’s now covered in plastic wrap today.
Elvis Presley plane bed
He has a lounge area with big bulbus TVs, a dining table and this is the king’s bed room.
Priscilla Presley's mercedes
This is the Mercedes Elvis gave Priscilla which she donated to the museum dedicated solely to his many cars across from Graceland.

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Beale St Memphis
Walking down Beale Street, Memphis

Peek through the Graceland Guest House hotel!

This 450-room hotel with a pool, a ball room that can hold 1000, convention hall and theatre is just a few steps from Graceland and as you’ll see below, its rooms have been decorated with a nod to Elvis Presley’s quirky 1970s design aesthetic.

Graceland Guest House
Graceland Guest House jungle room
The lobby inspired by the Jungle Room
Graceland Guest House staircase
Just like the Graceland staircase up to the private upper rooms
Graceland Guest House bedroom
Not that we know what Elvis’s private bedroom looks like, but this suite is probably in keeping!
Graceland Guest House living room
This is the sitting area in the one of the Graceland Guest House suites. Love the 70s inspired decor!
Graceland Guest House suite
The King Suite at Graceland Guest House

Pro tip: Check out latest prices for Graceland Guest House here on

Pick up some fun Elvis memorabilia on Amazon!

(Please note, if you purchase from the links below I will make a small commission, at no extra cost to you.)

Blue suede shoes by Clarks

Elvis Christmas album with Royal Philharmonic orchestra

The RCA Elvis album collection

Elvis Presley ceramic mug

Neon lightning bolt

Elvis glasses with sideburns!

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A visit to the Lorraine Motel and Civil Rights History Museum is another Memphis must-do. It is about so much more than the Martin Luther King era, but a sobering insight into the back story of the slave trade and Rosa Parks, right up to MLK’s murder.

Lorraine Motel Memphis
The Lorraine Motel is now part of the Civil Rights Museum

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Diana Soper

Monday 25th of October 2021

I’ve always loved Elvis Presley since I was a little girl back in the late 50s early 60s course I was only born in 55 but I have always loved him I was lucky enough to get to go to Graceland approximately 12-13 years ago, And it was a trip I never will forget! God bless Elvis Presley and his family❤️

Gail Flannery

Friday 15th of October 2021

Been twice. Loved it. Would love to go back soon.

Maria Quinones-Rodriguez

Tuesday 5th of October 2021

Beautiful place..RIP Elvis!!! Thank you for the tour....

Ann T Fleming

Tuesday 5th of March 2019

Really enjoyed taking a look inside Graceland. Went there many years ago, but didn't remember it all.


Tuesday 5th of March 2019

Hi Ann, I'll be back in a couple of weeks too so am looking forward to seeing it again :)

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