June 15, 2013

Peek inside Graceland with me

I’ve just made the pilgrimage to Elvis Presley’s mansion, Graceland, on a small hill behind the trees. The only way to get in to the grounds is to buy tickets for an audio headset tour and take the shuttle bus from “Elvis-ville” across the road. It’s packed with souvenir shops and other exhibitions, but this is what you’ll see inside the king’s hallowed house.

Elvis Presley welcome flags

The upstairs rooms at Graceland are locked and alarmed and no one is allowed up there except family.

Graceland lounge

To the right is the formal lounge

Graceland dining room

To the left is the dining room where many a big dinner party was held


Walk past the forbidden staircase …

... and gaze at the chandelier, wondering what is hidden up there

… and gaze at the chandelier, wondering what is hidden up there

Graceland kitchen

Pass through the kitchen. Someone told me Elvis had the first microwave in the country (?) Anyway, it cost $1000 back in the 70s

Elvis's parents bedroom

Elvis’s parents had this downstairs bedroom

Elvis Jungle Room

Turn left and go down the hallway to the Jungle Room. The floor and walls are covered in green shag pile and wooden furniture is carved into animals

Graceland pool table

The pool room

Graceland racquetball

We walked through the house, out the back and into his office and private shooting range then into the racquetball court. This is the piano that he played on the morning of his death

Elvis Presley racquet ball room

The racquetball court is now a shrine with costumes entombed in glass cases and floor to ceiling gold and platinum awards

Elvis Presley grave

At the end of the tour you come to his grave where his parents and grandmother also lie. Each day gifts arrive by mail from fans and staff make sure they all get placed here for a turn with the king. An eternal flame burns and a statue of Jesus, given to Elvis by his friends and that used to stand in the garden, stands at his feet.

Elvis Presley and me

Across the road in the many shops and exhibits I met my new friends. They’re on honeymoon. Guess what he does for a living….

Elvis Presley costumes

You buy a replica costume for a cool $3500

Lisa Marie plane

The Lisa Marie is named after his daughter who used to be taken on whimsical jaunts. One time they flew to see the snow and touched down for only an hour

Lisa Marie plane

Inside this former Delta plane Elvis had decked it out in velvet with gold plated buckles. Everything’s now covered in plastic wrap today.

Elvis Presley plane bed

He has a lounge area with big bulbus TVs, a dining table and this is the king’s bed room.

Priscilla Presley's mercedes

This is the Mercedes Elvis gave Priscilla which she donated to the museum dedicated solely to his many cars across from Graceland.

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