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Crazy Las Vegas: the Forum Shops

Las Vegas is Disneyland for adults! Instead of lolly shops there are rum bars with glasses the size of a trifle bowl and tables outside under mists of water to keep you cool – and drinking longer. It’s 28 degrees here overnight and a knock-out 40+ in the day.

Casino tables are as numerous as the stars in the sky – it is literally a kilometre from the outside Strip to walk through Caesars Palace (weaving strategically around tables) to eventually find the Forum Shops. Meanwhile you have passed the theatre that used to be Celine Dion’s home and is now the stomping ground of Cher and Bette Midler, restaurants, gift shops, another theatre housing Cirque du Soleil’s ‘O’.

But its the ceiling in the shopping mall that is the most bizarre. And mesmerising. It’s painted like the sky with a few random clouds (not usually seen in the desert so that’s a novelty in itself). The floor is paved like a street and the shops each have different facades making you believe you are really outside. In the centre is a replica Trevi fountain – and I’m pretty sure it’s life sized!

Trevi Fountain inside the mall

Trevi Fountain inside the mall

I grabbed a table last night at the Trevi restaurant and ate canneloni while the “sky” slowly turned dark and “stars” came out. It’ll mess with your mind this place – and this is only day 1!

Oh – check out the balloons that have hit the sky ceiling in a scene reminiscent of The Truman Show.

The indoor Forum Shops mall

The indoor Forum Shops mall

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